A blank page in front of me, a new project and a smile. Like always. This is exactly what I want this blog to be about: smiles. And my journey to happiness and love, where I’m exploring new ways to really find what feels good for me.

Love yourself first then the changes will come. It came as an enlightenment. So simple, so natural yet we easy forget about it. And I promise you that’s exactly how it works!

One year ago I was in a difficult place, mentally and physically. I was unhappy and I felt lost.  To attempt to pull myselffrom the edge of  sadness I wrote down a list of goals for me to reach. I hoped by ticking all the boxes it would solve the mystery of my lost happiness. In between those seemingly impossible tasks losing weight, start to exercise and stop smoking. A modern day classic. 

I was angry with my self because I wasn’t strong enough to move my ass from the couch and go out running. God only knows how many times I said to my self “Monday I quit smoking” and the million times I began a diet that only lasted a day or two. All these self-imposed changes we believe we have to do to like ourselves, they never pay-off!

The biggest step was learning to appreciate my body and my soul, as I should do. I had to work hard and I started to slowly change how I looked at myself. Suddenly without pushing or fighting it I’m eating healthy, I’m doing yoga and I’m cycling everyday, I stopped smoking. The best thing is that I like all of this and it’s not hard as I thought! Those changes came naturally for me because I love my self as I am and It’s now only natural to treat my self better because I deserve it!

When you’re able to listen to the needs of your body and soul, it all comes for you.

We are beautiful, strong human beings with the power to achieve everything. We just forgot that somewhere along the way. There is not better time then now to start to remember it! 

This is my journey, my experiences, my life.

Let’s start!