Starting to make my own milk has been for me the discovery of the century!

I can’t get enough! It’s so easy to make and extremely tasty.

After my childhood I rarely drank milk , but after I discovered this recipe, I can’t get enough! I use it often in juices and when I make porridge. Lately I even add a bit on my coffee and I NEVER drink coffee with milk! This just got me!

When I first read about it I wasn’t sure, it just seemed too much of an hassle but I decided to give it a go and I ordered a nut bag online (I can hear you giggle)! As soon as it came Simon and I tried it straight away and…we were drinking OUR OWN HOMEMADE MILK. I mean I have just made this beautiful, creamy drink that just writing about makes my mouth watery. I get excited easily it’s true, but this, this is just beyond words amazing!

Almond milk is a perfect alternative to diary milk, there’s no cholesterol or saturated fat. It’s also low in sodium and high in healthy fats (like omega fatty acids, normally found in fish), which helps to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.  It contains vitamin E, which contains antioxidant properties essential to your skin’s health. And I promise you, your skin will really glow! Did I already say that is also suuuuper tasty? And it’s definitely better than store bought!

Here’s what you need:


Nut bag or really fine colander

250gr (2 cups) organic Almonds

let them soak overnight or for at least a couple of hours

next morning, drain them and rinse them well with cold water

blend them together with two cups of fresh water (more you blend them, easier is to squeeze them later) 

put the almond paste in the nut bag and squeeze out the milk in a bowl or a jug

you can add some agave syrup or maple syrup if you like it a bit sweeter and a spoon of vanilla extract.

There you go! You now have your fresh almond milk!

Store it in the fridge, it will last a couple of days. Also you can put in the oven the pulp of the almond at really low temperature for a couple of hours to roast it and then use it to garnish smoothies or breakfast bowls. Yummy!