The other day I was talking of how healthier changes naturally come into your life when you start to love yourself as you are. Starting from simple changes like the desire of cooking your own meal instead of a take away or changing a normal pack of salty crisp with hummus ones (they’re actually yummy!). 

The change is gradual and it will come just by listening how you feel and what you need. For me the real challenge began when Simon, my boyfriend, gave me a vegan cookbook as a present. It was a while that I wanted to try eating vegan as an experiment, as a challenge and to detoxify my body. I’ve never been a lover of vegetables, especially cooked ones and I had a distorted idea of what vegan ate. Well, I was bloody wrong about everything. From when I start create healthy, plant-based recipes I’m having way more fun in the kitchen, I have much more clean energy during the day and my skin looks much better! I’m actually taking care of my body and soul and it feels great!

If there is a thing I don’t like is to label what I eat, but if I have to I would like to consider myself an ethical omnivore, which means I still enjoy eating meat from time to time but I like to be more conscious about its provenience namely sustainably-raised animal products from small, local producers.

Now I’m always trying something new, it’s all part of a journey to find out what works and what not.

I would like to share with you guys my experiments in the kitchen, and let me know what you think and your experience. In any way, feedback is always positive!

 Have a wonderful day :)