HAPPY APRIL everyone!

Today, as promised, I’m gonna give you some tips of how to make a wonderful homemade scrub.

Coffee scrub is perfect to exfoliate the skin, improving the texture and it leaves it smooth and soft. It can also improve circulation and therefore it helps getting rid of cellulite.  Caffeine can reduce blood vessels and while drinking it it will help you feel awake and energised, gently scrubbing some coffee grounds around the eyes will also give you the look of it.

I normally do it twice a week, once I’m in the shower and I’m waiting for my hair mask to be absorbed, I scrub all my body until the room smell like cappuccino. J

I actually used coffee grounds as scrub from years but this recipe it’s less harsh on the skin thanks to the coconut oil, which also helps moisturise your body.


gr coffee grounds (I often use the grounds from a coffee just made)

2tbsp coconut oil

2tbsp granulated sugar

Mix all together and keep it in a jar next to the shower. I normally use this much through out 8/10 days.