Hey you beautiful!!

Today is a sunny day, the temperature is rising and the most brave (or silly) *waiving hands, over here!* are starting to show some skin here and there. I’m an animal of the sun what can I say, as soon as spring starts to show I put away all the coats and tights and I refuse to wear them anymore. The only problem is that when I lived in Italy, my skin used to be olivish even during winter while now it’s just pale, like I’m muting into a ghost pale. As I’m waiting to be on holiday, laying under the sun all day long and take on that golden-browny color, I try to take care as much as possible to my skin and prepare it for that time.

Here we go with few things that can help in the glow:


There’s almost no need to say it, but take it as a reminder. DRINK! Drink as much water as possible. Hydration is the most important thing of all. Keeping your body hydrated makes your skin flexible and plump, which means we maintain a good protection barrier from external agents (like UV radiations) and we’re less keen to develop wrinkles. Drink at least 2lt per day. What I do is have a 2lt bottle that I fill up every day and I know I have to finish it. That’s my goal! But there are so many ways to make you keep drinking. Like water infusion. There are infinite combinations of water infusion and you just have to play around and find your perfect match. Mine is a classic. I have three things that I like to infuse by themselves or mix them together: lemon, mint and cucumber. It makes the water just so refreshing that you don’t want to stop drinking it!


I know I keep blathering about juices here and juices there, but honestly it’s the best way to take the vitamins and antioxidants your skin needs. Whether with avocado and kiwi or carrots and apple, a juice is always a good idea! (Try this!).


Since I discovered this yellow, knobby root, I really can’t live without it! I put it in tea, soups, juices... It just works really well. And I love its colour! Its properties are beyond amazing and regarding the skin, it helps the growth of new cells and it keeps the skin elastic. Moreover you can make many different facial masks with this powerful powder.


I use coconut oil literally for everything. There’s no one thing coconut oil is not good for! In this case it works as an amazing moisturizing for the skin and it can help with skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It also works as make up remover. Without scrubbing your face with a make up remover full of chemicals, coconut oil works super smooth on your skin, eyes especially! Thanks God for coconut oil!


I discovered dry brushing recently but I already noticed a difference. It should be done daily and before a shower. I don’t do it everyday because I’m a lazy creature, but even twice or three times per week can help! You need a firm, natural bristle brush, preferable with a handle so you can reach every little bit of your skin (you can easily find it on Amazon). Before taking a shower, brush all of your body starting from the extremities towards the heart. Not to hard – your not scrubbing the kitchen floor – but firm and smooth. Spend a good 10 minutes at least, going over the same areas two or three times. Now you know how to do it, but why is it good? As well as doing a proper scrub (I will soon post a recipe for an homemade one!), brushing will shed dead skin, allowing it to breathe properly and therefore improving its look. It also improves circulations and digestions. In fact, while your dry brushing your skin, you’re also massaging lymph nodes and that helps the body to get rid of excess of water and toxins. For this reason, they say it can also help with cellulite. WHAAAAT? Yes! It’s definitely worth trying it! 

These are my 5 steps to get my skin ready for summer and in general to take care of it. Obviously a good and healthy diet will help you glow even more!

Lots of hugs for everyone