I’m Italian. Yes, we do actually say MAMMA MIA! And yes, my favourite food ever is PIZZA. After that there’s bread, every different type of bread!!! Mmmmm. I could eat loaves of bread by themselves. I don’t even pretend to cut it in slices, I just break it with my hands and move it straight into my mouth. I’m the kind of person who leaves uneven holes in the bread, something that my parents always taught me not to but I'd never listen. What a rebel!

Anyway I love it so much that I want to be for it a super healthy version but that remains delicious like bread is!

I tried many versions and not one of them left me satisfied. Yes, ok nice, but where’s the real one?

Well, Sunday I finally found it. I found the perfect recipe for the perfect healthy and tasty bread. Hurray!

Cut to the chase, here’s the recipe:


50 gr walnuts

25gr pumpkin seeds

25gr sunflower

3gr dried active yeast

300gr spelt flour

130gr porridge oats

70gr unroasted buckwheat (you can choose to use just 200gr of porridge oats if you prefer)

340ml water


Grind the porridge oats and the buckwheat together until you get the texture of flour and put it in a food mixer with the yeast. The food mixer will need to have the right fastening. At this point drizzle the water to the mix and work the dough really well. While the food mixer is working, chop the walnuts and the seeds and add them to the mix with the salt.

Now work your dough with hands and give it a round shape. Let it rest in a warm place for at least 3 hours.

After this time, work again the dough with your hands till you give a loaf shape to it and cut the surface horizontally.

Cook it in the oven gas mark 9 (240 C) for 20 minutes with a bowl of water at the bottom. Then remove it and turn the temperature down to gas mark 7 (220 C) and let it cook for other 20 minutes.

After that, don’t be greedy and let it cool down for a bit before sink your teeth. Enjoy and, you’re welcome. :)