Good morning my friends and happy Friday!!

Today I want to talk about my morning routine. I have few steps that I like to enjoy every morning and without I can’t start the day properly anymore.

With my job I'm lucky to be able to choose my shift , so either I start at 8.30am or 12.30pm. When I start late I have all morning to dedicate to my routine and I don’t have to rush it. When I start early instead, I try to squeeze everything in 40 minutes. I am quite a lazy person and I LOVE to sleep in. However with great surprise I discovered that waking up earlier wasn’t the great sacrifice it normally was because what I do feels good and helps me to keep feeling good throughout the day.

I normally start with a cup of warm WATER, LEMON and TURMERIC. As well as hydrate you after a night sleep, it boosts your digestion for the day and cleanses your system. Lemons have high alkaline mineral contents which means they help to prevent any inflammation because it will decrease the acidity in the body. They’re also rich in vitamin C, which will improve your immune system. A great way to start the day!

I also try to squeeze fifteen/twenty minutes of YOGA.  A few sun salutations and poses to stretch.

While I’m getting dressed I do OIL PULLING. To do that you can use sesame, sunflower or coconut oil. You have to swish a couple of teaspoon of the oil of your choice, I personally use coconut, for 20 minutes and no more. Be careful not to swallow it because it will contain toxins and bacteria. Once 20 minutes are gone, spit it out and rinse well with fresh water. The benefits of oil pulling are various and even though in all my researches I found people with positive experience and benefits from it, it doesn’t have scientific grounds. How does it work? We have first to put us in the frame of mind that we are a whole, that every part of our body is connected to others and so our mouth does reflect the health of our body. Having this part clean and healthy it will help us feeling better as a whole.

The germs in our mouth are covered in lipid, which is a fat, and when we oil pulling the oil combines with the bacteria so when we spit out we are able to get rid of those toxins all together. It’s best to do it first thing in the morning before you eat because this is the moment when we have the highest number of bacteria in the mouth and as soon as you eat you will swallow part of those bacteria with the food. It will probably take some time getting use to it as 20 minutes of swishing is quite a long time but if you find something to keep you busy during that time it will be much easier.

When I’m finally ready I go prepare myself a JUICE and normally that is enough for breakfast.

Then I CYCLE to work.

All these steps above give me a lot of energy to start the day. Everyone has is own morning ritual, but if you try to squeeze a tiny bit of exercise and an healthy breakfast, you will notice the difference. You'll have more clean energy and it will influence your mood as well!  

Have a wonderful day guys! :)