Good morning people!

Yesterday I woke up with a few spots on my forehead. Nothing traumatic (I’m PMS) but I do like to pick them until they’re proper red. WROOOONG! Oh I know, I’ve been fighting with this habit of mine my all life. One day I will learn the lesson, I promise!

In the meanwhile what I can do to improve the situation is be careful to what I eat and integrate with food I know that does good to my skin.

Mango and kiwi are great for this. They respectively contain vitamin A and beta-carotene and vitamin E, both antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin and they make it glow and they protect it from degenerating.

Mixing them together with spinach, which also plays an important role in your skin health, and coconut water, will make your skin looks radiant!


½ peeled mango (around 6/7 chunks)

2 peeled kiwis

handful of spinach

250ml coconut water

superfood boost: you can add 2tsp. of chia seeds

(I topped this beauty with roasted almonds!)

Blend and feel your skin getting glower at every sip! :)