Springtime comes with a lot of colours, beautiful, vibrant and pastel colours everywhere. So why not also in food?

And that’s how I ended up making turmeric, spirulina and maca milk from oats.

They came out creamy, delicious, different from the usual and colourful!

If you feel adventurous and you want to try them, here’s the recipe my friend:


80gr porridge oats

300ml filtered water

1 tsp. turmeric/1 teaspoon maca powder/1teaspoon spirulina

1 tsp. vanilla

agave syrup to taste

Put the porridge oats to soak in water overnight or for at least 30 minutes. Then drain them and rinse them really well. The purpose of soaking the oats is that is makes them more digestible.

Now it’s the time to use the nut bag/cheese cloth/very fine colander!! Place the oats in the bag and squeeze! If you’re using a colander then just use a spoon to help you squeeze all the liquid from the oats.

Add the vanilla, the turmeric/maca/spirulina and the agave syrup to taste.

I used the maca milk with granola and it was really delicious! Turmeric milk and spirulina milk in a juice instead! Let me know how you’re gonna use yours!