Good morning everyone!

Hope you’re all feeling good and relaxed this Sunday morning.

Yesterday night I was feeling naughty and hungry! It’s a tough time because there are soooo many weddings to attend soon and you know, I don’t want to feel bloated and I want to fit in that summer dress. My goal is to find naughty and tasty recipes but at the same time healthy and not super caloric. The dream. The Holy Grail. The Eight Wonder of the World. You get the point, not easy. Ok but there is a way, if we just start with small things.

Like this vegan mayonnaise! Guys I promise you, it’s hard to notice the difference with a total-fat one.

I used it then as a dip for kale chips – exactly, naughty and healthy at the same time – and that satisfied my hunger for snacks!

This recipe is that it’s gonna take you just 5 minutes to make. What do you want more? 


100ml olive oil

120ml soya milk

1 tsp. mustard powder or 1 tsp. mustard

juice of 1 lemon

salt to taste

(I added to mine also 1/2 garlic clove!)

Easy peasy. Mix all the ingredients together and voilat, your mayonnaise, ehm vegenaise is ready!

P.s.: if you’re serving it for a dinner with friends, you might want to let it chill in the fridge for an hour or so.