I’m back!! Back in London, back home, back at work and in my lovely kitchen, with a glass of wine and my two meowing cats around me. And back on my blog!

I know, I left it untouched for too long and you’re right. But what matters the most it’s that I’m here now and I have a lot of new healthy and tasty recipes to share with you!

If you’re following me on She Smiles Facebook page and/or Instagram you know I’ve been exploring a tiny bit of our beautiful world in this time. And it has been AMAZING! I will try to make a post about my experience in Marrakech, with some tips and suggestions for you!

Between the different trips, my mum came to stay at mine for few days and there’s nothing better than cook with her on my side, with all her knowledge and tricks that she knows! So we came up with this delicious risotto, easy to make and quite delicious!!  

You must try it! :)

 (serve 4 people – takes 50minutes - vegan)


-1/2 chopped onion

-1 clove of garlic chopped really fine

-2tbsp olive oil

-150gr frozen peas

-150gr asparagus

-400gr brown rice

-300ml vegetable broth

-salt and pepper to taste


First brown the chopped garlic and onion together with the oil in a pan. While they’re slightly frying, chop the asparagus while keeping the heads aside. At this point add them and the peas in the pan and salt and pepper everything.

Cook for around 10 minutes at medium heat. Add one scoop of vegetable broth and cook for around 15 minutes more (or as long as the vegetables had absorbed all the liquid).

Now you can move the content of the pan in a bowl, add one more scoop of broth and blend everything together to make a smooth green cream.

Put the cream back to the pan and add also the rice. Mix all together and cook for 20 minutes, being careful to stir every now and then.

At this point you just need to serve it and use the head of the asparagus left aside as a decoration. BON APETIT!