You guys!

I’m having friends for dinner tomorrow night and if there’s something I love and I’m good at, it’s organising dinner party! :)

It almost works as a ritual for me: a couple of days before the dinner I decide the menu, what to cook and how to serve it. The day before I buy everything I need and eventually start to cook a few things. The day of the dinner is about cooking, tidying the house, preparing a good-looking table and have the last things ready to hop in the pan for the last minute dishes.

I’m quite a maniac in these occasions because I want everything to be perfect but especially I want to do everything on my own. And I love it! (weeeeeird)

 Anyway, I decided the menu and I think I’ll have two desserts: the nutty bars covered in chocolate I posted recently on Instagram and this creamy deliciousness of an avocado ice cream!

It’s original, refreshing, smooth in your mouth and perfect as a dessert!

So there you go with the recipe baby!

avocado ice cream

(makes 500gr – takes 5 minutes + 3h freeze – vegan)


- 5 frozen bananas

- 1 avocado

- 5 mint leaves

- handful of chocolate chips (or half choc bar chopped finely)


Cut the bananas in slices and place them on a tray in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then place the bananas in a blender and add the peeled avocado and the mint and blend all together until well combined. It should come out a soft, smooth green cream. Now pour in the chocolate chips and stir them in with a spoon. Now place it a bowl and freeze for one more hour before to serve.

avocado ice cream

Conserve it in the freezer and I suggest taking it out 10 minutes before to serve it.