This happiness.

This love.

This beauty all around me.

I'm lucky, but I chose this. I attracted this luck my way. Everyone is in power of their own life. We decide our own path. I'm grateful for every moment of my life because every moment taught me something that has brought where I am now.

Like everyone I have my down moments and I have days where I don't like to look in the mirror. I see myself a bit too fat or my hair are not in the right place or I just feel alone in the world with my problems. I know it's just a moment in a day and I accept that's the way I feel. That doesn't mean I keep complaining and crying about it. It actually gives me the strength the day after to do something more, to move in the right direction, to try something new.

Everybody has ups and downs. But we are in control of our life. We decide how we want to live and how we want to see what happens to ourselves. It's easy to blame something or someone else for our unhappiness but we are the only one in charge of it.

The best way to start to change something is with a smile. Get up from your bed tomorrow morning and smile. And be grateful, just because you woke up, just because you can see the sun, just because you can walk to your kitchen and start the day with a coffee.

Happiness is made with small things and we need to recognise the value of those to reach bigger goals.

I'm so in love and I'm so happy. And we are all so beautiful human beings. Let's all being kind with each other. Let's fill our life with kindness.

And everything will be just beautiful.