Good morning to everyone and happy Sunday!

What happened to summer in London? Sunny days? Warm breeze? I mean, really Pfffft.

Complaining about it with my English colleagues just makes me more frustrated as they get back at me with: what’s the problem? It’s normal! You’re in London Mara!

Well, yes, I know, thank you! But still, I will never make peace with this.

So, as you might have noticed already, in these days more then ever, food comes to help. As I truly believe, if you start the day with some delicious breakfast, it’s gonna be just good!

A while ago I made these nice buckwheat waffles but somehow I lost the recipe in my notebook and this morning while I was browsing it back to front trying to decide what to make to cheer me up I found it again!!

So there we go! 


(makes 4 – takes 20 mins – vegan)


-130gr buckwheat flour

-250ml coconut milk

-1tbsp baking powder

-1 flax egg

-1tbsp sugar

-1 pinch of salt



Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is without any lumps, then pour it into the waffles maker and let it cook until it’s solid and golden.

Serve it with some maple syrup and fresh fruits!


So so so easy guys, yet so tasty! 

p.s. I had mines with raspberry chia jam! yum! :)