Not to be boring, but I do have another soup recipe here for you!

Simon hates soup nights. How to blame him, eh? 

In the contrary I love a good, warm soup, even in spring days like today!

It's crazy to think I really used to hate vegetables, especially cooked ones!

cauliflower soup

Longer than a year ago I took an allergy and intolerance test at The Klinik near Liverpool Street and again less than a month ago. I was surprised to see how my body changed in accepting, or rejecting, different things in the matter of a year. For example I was intolerant to eggs and weirdly enough, lemons, while now I'm totally fine with those things but I have an intolerance for mushroom and yeast! 

Bare in mind I'm talking about intolerances not allergies. That means that I'm ok in eating those things, just in moderation and being aware that my body could have not the best time to digest them. 

A couple of foods stayed the same instead, like broccoli and cauliflower, which apparently are superfoods for me. They're not just good but they're SUPER GOOD! :) 

It's a really interesting test that can help you modify your diet to the best foods for you. You can book your appointment here .

Super food or not I actually love cauliflower and its many ways to cook it! 

In this soup it comes out creamy and irresistibly good! :)

She Smiles - cauliflower soup
cauliflower soup