Hello amazing people!

How are you feeling today? Strong, powerful and beautiful? Yes! That’s the way!

And if not, then that becomes your mantra: repeat it to yourself. All day long. Because you are strong, powerful and beautiful!

I have something else for you today: a cheeky, chocolaty treat!

I LOVE these chocolate cups so much, they’re so little but so satisfying!

Go ahead, try them and let me know your thoughts! :)

chocolate cups

(makes 4 cups – takes 15mins + 40 mins freeze – vegan)

baking equipment: 4 muffin cases, either silicon or paper


-100gr vegan chocolate (I used Montezuma’s)

for the filling

- 4tbsp peanut butter

- 4tsp jam of your choice (optional)


- vegan caramel 


Melt half of the chocolate in bain-marie and pour a tablespoon of it in each muffin case, helping spread it evenly on the bottom and half way on the sides.

Place the cases on a tray and freeze them for 10 minutes. After this time, take them out, and again pour one tablespoon of peanut butter for each case. Now you can add a teaspoon of your favourite jam on top or substitute the peanut butter with this creamy, homemade, salted caramel.  Place them in the freezer once again, this time for 20 minutes (both peanut butter and caramel require longer time than chocolate to become firm). 

chocolate cups

At this point you can melt the other half of chocolate and cover the chocolate cases with it.

On top of them you can sprinkle some desiccated coconut or walnuts or the remaining caramel!

chocolate cups

Leave them in the freezer until a few minutes before to serve them and voilat!

Your dessert/snack is ready whenever you want!

p.s.: I usually make a bunch of these and often Simon and me are having one after dinner! Ups, naughty! J