Hello beautiful beings!

It’s another grey, rainy day here in London, which makes me feel really drained. I desperately need some sunshine and warm weather pleaaaaase!!

I take advantage of these days to stay in and make up a lot of different, tasty recipes!

Here’s one of them, for your breakfast tomorrow! 

coconut porridge

(makes 2 bowls – takes 2 minutes + overnight soaking – vegan) 


- 150gr rolled oats

- 350ml coconut milk

- 1tbsp peanut butter

- 2tsp lucuma powder (optional)

- 2tsp chia seeds (optional)


to garnish:

- your choice of fresh fruits

- 50gr melted coconut butter + 20gr cocoa powder + 1tbsp agave syrup


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, cover it with cleaning film and place in the fridge overnight. Next morning scoop the portions in two bowls and garnish with fresh fruits of your choice (I used strawberries) and pour hot chocolate sauce on top (just melt the coconut butter with the cocoa powder in a small sauce pan and add agave syrup to taste).


Once you tried this version of porridge you’ll never go back! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :)