Hello amazing human beings!

I’m super excited as tomorrow I will be flying back home in Italy for my cousin’s wedding! It’s an occasion to see all my family and of course, to celebrate LOVE!

Yeeeeiiii :)

What are your plans for the weekend? Relaxing? A pic-nic maybe? Or a dinner with friends?

In either cases this recipe is what you want! Delicious coconut ice cream, dipped in chocolate and cacao nibs! Am I hearing a “yuuummmm”?

Well, if you’re not yumming already, prepare to! 

coconut magnum

(makes 4 little magnum – takes 20 mins + 2h rest – vegan)


for the coconut cream

- 60ml canned coconut milk

- 1tbsp coconut yogurt (I used CO-YO)

- dash of vanilla

- 1tsp maple syrup

for the caramel layer (optional)

- 60gr coconut sugar

- 50ml water

- dash of vanilla

- 100ml canned coconut milk

- pinch of salt

for chocolate cover

- 100gr vegan chocolate

- cacao nibs (optional)

kitchen tool needed: ice cream mould (you can find it here, and it comes with the sticks)


Blend the ingredients for the coconut cream together until a smooth mixture is formed. Now you have two choices: you can pour half of the mixture, place the stick and freeze for ½h before to pour the middle layer of caramel (I would say 1tsp each ice cream), gently spreading it through the frozen coconut mixture. Then freeze again for at least 1h (the caramel takes longer to solidify) and again pour the rest of the mixture to cover it and freeze until firm. Melt the chocolate in a pan and I suggest pouring it in a narrow and tall glass. At this point just dip the ice cream in the chocolate and it will “freeze” in a matter of few seconds. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes more before to serve.

coconut magnum

The other option is to have the caramel layer on top instead of the middle, so it’s a bit quicker as you pour all of the mixture in the 4 moulds, freeze for ½h, then pour the caramel, freeze again for 1h, then dip in the chocolate. 

Either way it’s gonna be a luscious treat or an impressive dessert! :)