And here it is, another Monday. Another week. Another month.

Are you ready to smash this month?! :)

Lots of new things will happen and we need to be open and ready for them, no matter what! Let's think as this new season as if it was a new year. Let's put down a list of good intentions, what we want to achieve this month, our goals and our new mantras. Ready? :)

Today I want to share with you my first guest post! hippie hurray! 

But first I want to share my happiness and my appreciation about Health Bloggers Community. I genuinely think it's a great space where great things can happen. Where you can meet fellow bloggers, share your posts and always be up to date with what's going on in the health and wellness world! I LOVE IT!

It's in this community that I "met" Rachel from Healthy & Psyched and it's on her blog (that I like like crazy) that I'm sharing this divine recipe for a dragon fruit smoothie bowl.

Head over here and check it out! Don't forget to have a peek at her tasty breakfast bowl as well! It's worth it! :)

I wish an AMAZING week to everyone!