Friday duuudes!

Yes! We made through another week!

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you’ll know that I hint already about this freaking delicious recipe!

The first time I made these I was actually super impressed with the results! They just look like chicken nuggets and it would be hard to differentiate the taste as well! Ok, ok, let me tell you what I am talking about: the wonders of JACKFRUIT!

The jackfruit is an Asian fruit with a sweet and fruity aroma and a fibrous flesh, which makes it great to cook as it was pulled pork or chicken! Its sweetness is easily removed while cooking it in BBQ sauce or like in this case in chicken stock.

It’s also really good for you as it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Cut to the chase baby, here we go!

vegan chicken nuggets

(makes 20 pieces – takes 50 mins – vegan)


- 1 can of green jackfruit (560gr)

- 2tbsp vegetable broth or chicken stock (there’s also a vegan version of it here)

- enough water to cover the jackfruit (more or less 300ml)

- 135gr all purpose flour

- 4 eggs replacement

- 40gr chicken fry mix

- 80gr breadcrumbs

-2tbsp sesame oil

(all of the ingredients except the sesame oil and the flour can be found here link)


First thing first, drain the jackfruit and wash it under cold water. Try to squeeze out as much seeds as you can. If you leave some it’s not biggie! Place the jackfruit in a pan, cover it with water and add the stock. Bring to boil at medium heat then cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat and cook it for 10 more minutes. Drain it again and leave it in the pan to cool down for 15 minutes.

vegan chicken nuggets

In the meanwhile prepare 3 bowls with the flour in one, the eggs replacement in the second one and the breadcrumbs mixed with the chicken fry mix in the last one. Now to absorb the liquid in excess, just place the jackfruit on a kitchen roll and tap it gently. When your jackfruit pieces are dry enough, start rolling them in the bowls, flour first, eggs and breadcrumbs last, being careful to cover each piece properly.

When all your pieces are ready, heat the sesame oil in a frying pan and cook the chicken nuggets. Try to not overfill the pan with too many pieces, it might require you to do 2-3 rounds to cook them all. A couple of minutes each side it’s enough.

vegan chicken nuggets

Madames and Monsieurs you’re now ready to impress everyone with these golden nuggets! Little task for you: let them try to someone who doesn’t know how they’re made and I bet you they will say it’s chicken! (My brother thought so!)

Happy Friday! Make it a good one!