Hey guys! Sorry for the absence. As you know I was in Italy for a week, visiting my friend and I didn’t have the chance to post so much! But here I am!

I had an amazing time, celebrating my friend’s birthday and enjoying the sun!

We definitely ate a lot of piadinas, which is an Italian flatbread, typical of the Emilia-Romagna reagion. They’re so good and sooo tasty!

They’re delicious but not super healthy, so here I have a recipe for you, which is a healthy version of the piadina, obviously still really yummy!!!

gluten-free piadina

(makes 8 piadinas – takes 20 minutes – vegan)


- 300gr gluten-free flour

- 150ml water

- 2 eggs replacer

- 2tbsp olive oil

- 2tsp garlic powder

- pinch of salt

for the avocado salsa (filling for 2 piadinas)

- 2 avocados

- 6-8 cherry tomatoes

- few basil leaves

- 1 spring onion

- salt and pepper to taste

- 1tbsp olive oil


Place in a mixer the flour with garlic powder, olive oil and salt. Start mixing all together, add the two egg replacer and slowly pour in the water until a dough is formed. Remove it from the mixer and work it for a minute by hand making sure everything is well amalgamated. 

gluten-free piadina

If you see the dough is a bit dry and it keeps breaking then add some drops of water or just wet your hands while working it.

Now divide the dough in 8 balls of the same size and, with the help of a rolling pin, roll the dough until reached a circle shape as thin as possible (it will be too delicate to move if too thin).

Once you have all the piadinas ready, warm a frying pan at a medium heat for a couple of minutes. When the pan is really hot, you can start cooking your piadinas, leaving them to cook a couple of minutes each side. 

Stack them on a plate and start to prepare the avocado salsa. Peel the avocados and smash them with a fork in a bowl. Add then the chopped tomatoes, basil leaves, finely chopped spring onion, salt, pepper and olive oil and mix all together.

You can serve the salsa aside or fill half of the piadina and then fold it.

Hey hey! you have a tasty dinner ready now! :)