Good evening and Happy Dumpling Day!

I don’t need to sell you on how good dumplings are, right? You know that already! I think I could live on just dumplings for how much I love them!

Well, here is my version, filled with kimchi, they are crispy and crazy good! :)

kimchi dumplings

(makes 50 dumplings – takes 30 minutes – vegan)


- 200gr kimchi

- 50 gyoza skin

- 5gr grated ginger

- 1 clove of garlic

- 1 large spring onion

- 2 medium size carrots

- ½ cabbage

- 1 egg replacer

- 90gr marinated tofu

- 1 tbsp soy sauce

- 2tbsp sesame oil

(you can find some of these ingredients here)

kimchi dumplings


Start by roughly chopping the garlic, spring onion and cabbage. Place them in a high-speed blender together with kimchi, grated ginger and carrots, egg replacer, properly squeezed and dried tofu (use a nutbag to squeeze out all the liquid or in alternative press it against a fine colander and then just dried it with kitchen roll) and soy sauce. 

Blend all together until you get a paste with all the ingredients well mixed together.

Take the gyoza skin, place one teaspoon of mixture in the middle and fold it over, pinching all around to close it.

Once all the dumplings are ready, put some water to boil in a saucepan. In the meanwhile cut some strips from baking paper of the size of your dumplings and place one dumpling per strip. Once the water is boiling, put a colander pan with the dumplings over the saucepan and cover it with a lid. Let it steam for 8 minutes, then gently remove them from the colander and transfer them in a frying pan with the sesame oil. Fry them a couple of minutes each side.

Serve them with soy sauce or your favourite sauce.

kimchi dumplings

If, like me, you made all of the 50 dumplings and you have lot left, put them in a sealed food bag and conserve them in the freezer. When you want to eat them again, take them out of the freezer and let them defrost for at least ½ hour before to touch them as they will be attached to each other and they will break. Then proceed as described above.

Enjoy your dumplings! :)