Good morning sunshines!

Hope you’re all feeling sparkling and having a good Saturday so far.

This morning is definitely a mango and spinach smoothie kinda morning.

Spinach are high in proteins, promotes regularity thanks to the fibre content and it’s also amazing for skin and hair health. Mango as well is important for digestion and glowing skin. It also alkalize your whole body and, get ready, promotes healthy sex – olè – thanks to vitamin E which is connected to sex drive.

Enjoy your sexy smoothie then, you’ll thank me later ;) 

mango and spinach smoothie

(makes 2 servings – takes 5 minutes – vegan)


- 1 medium size mango (better if already chopped and frozen, if not just add 2-3 ice cubes)

- 1 handful of spinach

- 1 banana

- 150ml almond milk

- 2tbsp PURE BLEND Co, Vegan Protein, Matcha green tea and Madagascan Vanilla


Peel and deseed the mango, if not already, chopped it and place it a blender together with all the other ingredients.

Blend away and enjoy! :)

mango and spinach smoothie