Ciao belli!

It’s Monday, again! With my mind on holiday and with my body at work.

While my brain is still on holiday its a great time to give some tips and suggestion about my time in Puglia a couple of weeks ago.

Simon and I decided to go to south of Italy to celebrate two years together. We needed some good food, wine and sunshine! It was quite last minute so we couldn’t find one place to host us for all 5 nights and we ended up change 3 times, which at the end was totally worth it. The distance between the masseria and hotel was quite close to each other but far away enough to explore different parts between Brindisi and Bari. It was  amazing to see the different masseria's and learning their history!

It had been a really lovely five days and I’m so happy to have had the chance to celebrate another year with Simon!

Anyway, putting aside cheesy things, let’s focus on my suggestions for you!



-Masseria Salinola, Contrada Salinola, Ostuni BR – This is the first place where we stayed. It’s a wonderful masseria built in the sixteenth century, surrounded by old trees and located in a quiet, paradisiac place.

An Italian family, who owns it from the very beginning, is managing the place. They are all really lovely people, and because the place can host a limited amount of people, the service is really good and you are taken care in a special, warm way.

We ate there on our first night. They don’t have a proper menu but day-by-day the write on a chalk board what they’re gonna serve in the night and it has been all wonderful and delicious! We had an 4 courses vegetarian menu and everything tasted so fresh that I think we spent the entire dinner just making noises of dinning pleasure

They have one of the nicest swimming pool with really comfortable beds around where you can relax and catch some sun. they also have different gorgeous spots where to sip some fruity rosé, eat some olives and read a book!

It’s really easy to get to the historical centre of Ostuni, which I warmly recommend to visit, and quite close to a lot of different beaches.

Definitely, definitely, definitely recommend this place to all of you who want to spent some quality, relaxing time in Puglia.

-Masseria Il Frantoio, 72017 Ostuni – Brindisi – We stayed in this masseria for just one night but we really enjoyed our brief time here. It’s a working olive farm with a lot of different trees in different gardens, herbs, and history. They do a little tour of the place at 8pm every night, explaining the story of the place and showing the old room where they used to make olives with the help of donkeys!

At 8.30pm they serve dinner and you can choose between a 4, 6 or 8 courses menu. But what’s on the menu it’s a surprise! It’s been like this for 25 years! You just tell them if you have allergies or there is something you don’t like and they will make sure is not on your plate. It’s a really clever, funny, almost magic way to serve food! I loved it and I loved everything of my dinner! The food was an absolute pleasure! 

The staff is also really lovely and charming. The only think I personally didn’t like so much was the bedroom. It’s an old style, quaint room with a not super comfortable bed. But other than that, it’s been an original and unique experience!

-Canne Bianche, Via Appia Antica 32, 72010 Torre Canne – this is a wonderful hotel (Mr&Mrs Smith), just on the beach, with incredible view and Mediterranean style. We stayed here for our last two nights and we really loved to be just two seconds from our private beach, avoiding the crowd and being able to actually enjoy the sea. Thumbs up also for the food and the wine. The service was trying to be super good but slightly rude but except for that we had a really nice, relaxing, last days, just roasting in the sun and savouring cocktails.



- Ristorante Alba Chiara, Strada Provinciale 90, Savelletri – Torre Canne (BR) – great location, just on the sea where you can admire a magical sunset. The staff isreally friendly and the food is really proper good! (not the right place for vegan or vegetarian though!)

- Osteria del Tempo Perso, via g. tanzarella vitale, 47 - 72017 ostuni (br) - really unique restaurant, it’s basically a cave from 1500. Romantic vibes and great food! We ate so much we were about to fall asleep on the table! Absolutely must try it!

- Caffe Riccardo, via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale 61/63 Ostuni (BR) – if you’re going to eat at Osteria del Tempo Perso then you have to come and have an “aperitivo” at Caffe Riccardo. It’s just one minute from the restaurant and it’s basically on the rock stairs, with puffy pillows as chairs. A bit uncomfortable maybe but definitely worth it!

- Torre Coccaro,  – we ate here a lunch before to go to their beach. It’s a lovely beach restaurant! The staff is really attentive and I took some pasta with radicchio pesto that was just incredible!



- visit Alberobello

- visit Polignano a Mare

I’m not gonna spend too many words on this! You just have to! They’re not so far from Bari airport and if you want you can visit both in a day! Alberobello is where you can find the famous trulli! Just wonder around the city with an ice-cream and take in the beauty of the historical city.

Polignano a Mare it could be worth just for the foreshortening of the rocks and sea from the bridge. You can’t miss it! It’s just stunning and I could have spent hours just sitting on a rock, looking at the sea! But it also has a lovely centre to explore walking.

- eat taralli and drink wine! – no need to explanations. ;)


- sun protection – be careful to the sun of South of Italy. It can be a bastard for your skin! So even if it’s just 20, wear sun protection!

- avoid high season – I’m saying something obvious, but really, if you want to enjoy it in a quite, peaceful way, avoid July and August! The beaches are gonna be just so crowded that it’s gonna be a nightmare!

- rent a car – you need it if you want to move around! It’s not London, public transports are not a lot and not super reliable either. You can find good deal with different companies online, and it’s going to be worth it every penny!


That’s all guys! I hope it’s gonna be useful and if you go, let me know your opinions and if you tried anything on my list and what you think!

Have a wonderful week!!