(not the usual) CARROT & GINGER SOUP

Hey you guys!

It feels good to be back and to share good stuff with you again! :)

Today's recipe is a soup I've got ready from months ago but never got around to share it and it felt such a shame that even if we're coming to a warmer weather, it is still worth to try and cook it! 

The secret ingredient in what it looks a normal carrot and ginger soup is...drum rolls...AVOCADO! 

oh yes baby! it makes it so creamy and extra delicious that I don't remember how I was living before ;)

Easy and quick to make, it's a filling dinner idea for one of those mid-week night, when you feel a bit grumpy and achy and you just want it to be Friday! 

It's gonna warm you up and make you feel satisfied, I promise!

She Smiles - carrot and ginger soup