Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

As I was saying yesterday on my Instagram, I love Asian food. Like a lot!

I’m always trying to make up recipes that include soy sauce ;) And some recipes could be so light and nourishing and tasty that I just want to eat them all the time!

One of those recipes is this noodles bowl. It comes with veggies, mushrooms and tempeh – all of them have great health benefits, makes you a satiated without giving up the tastiness! 

nourishing noodles bowl

(makes 2 portions – takes 25 mins – vegan)


- 1 grated carrot

- handful of roughly cut spinach

- 60gr sugar snap peas

- 8 mushrooms (I used the white ones but you can choose the type you prefer)

- 200gr tempeh

- 1 chopped spring onion

- 200gr noodles (I used rice noodles but again you’re free to use the type you prefer)

- handful of bean sprouts for each bowl

- sesame oil

- 2tbsp soy sauce or noodle broth

- 2tbsp furikake sesame seeds (optional)

nourishing noodles bowl


Prepare all the veggies: wash them properly and chop spinach, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and spring onions. Grate the carrot and set aside. 

Now chop the raw tempeh in cubes and cook it in a pan with sesame oil at medium heat for 10 minutes, until it’s crispy and brown. In the same way cook the mushrooms as well. Once everything is ready, go with the noodles. Follow the indications on the pack of the noodles of your choice. Once cooked, drain them and pour the soy sauce (I actually prefer to use the noodle broth sauce, it’s more flavoured and obviously works perfectly with noodles, but if you don’t have it go with the soy sauce!) and the furikake sesame seeds. 

nourishing noodles bowl

Add all the veggies you prepared before and get ready for some proper nourishment! :) 

Have a good day!