You guys!!!

Can you see outside?

It’s super sunny and definitely the warmest day so far!! Oh this makes me incredibly happy!

I also had million things to do but you know what? I just grabbed a towel, the book of the moment and went in the garden to take all the sunshine possible and relax.

Now I took a little break because, believe it or not, I was boiling and I need a fresh drink to cool down and hydrate.

Last weekend I made this papaya juice and I fell in love with it!

The taste is so delicate and fresh and smooth…mmm!

If you’re looking for a drink matching this description, there you go, ready in 3 minutes for ya! 

papaya juice

(makes 2 glasses – takes 5 minutes – vegan)


- 300gr papaya

- juice of 1 orange

- 2tbsp chilled coconut milk (can)

- 200ml coconut water

- few ice cube


Cut the papaya in pieces, making sure to get rid of the seeds and put it in a blender. Add also the rest of the ingredients and blend baby, blend until smooth and creamy. You can add the ice cubes before to blend it to make it creamier or add them just in the glass. As you prefer!

papaya juice

Now I’m going back to sun and books. Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!