Good afternoon cutie pies! :)

How’s everything for ya?

I’m unwell in bed unfortunately but I’m taking advantage to work a bit on my laptop today (I’m also watching videos and cuddling cats).

Drinking lots of water and eating soup, I was looking through my book of recipes and I almost forgot about this one, how could have I? :)

Nutty and creamy pecan milk!!! You want to put some pecans soaking in water now, I’ll tell you that!

pecan milk

(makes 300ml - takes 5 minutes + overnight soaking - vegan)


- 125gr organic pecans

- 400ml filtered water

- 1tbsp maple syrup

- dash of vanilla (optional)

pecan milk


As for the almond milk, cover the pecans with cold water and let them soak overnight. The next morning drain them and rinse them.


Place them in a blender and pour the 400ml of filtered water with them (then it depends how creamy you want the milk. For me this is the perfect amount of water for a smooth and creamy pecan milk but bare in mind you can put less or a bit more if you prefer it). Once you blended the pecans, pour the pulp in a nut bag (or a really fine colander)  and strain the nuts (giggles :)). Now add the maple syrup and the vanilla and stir well.

I love to use this milk with coffee, it gives it a nutty flavour that I just go NUTS for (more giggles :)). But you can use it also in your smoothie, with your granola or to make some pancakes!

pecan milk

Conserve in the fridge for a 3-4 days.