Hey, you! Yes, I’m still here!! 

I didn’t post for a while but I was working for you guys! Making up delicious recipes, to try and try again the same ones to make sure they’re tasty and easy to make as well!!

Like this bread with sundried tomatoes and onions! 

sundried tomatoes bread

(makes 1 loaf– takes 50 mins + 4 hours rest – vegan)


- 400gr spelt flour

- 7gr yeast (I used easy bake east by Allison)

- 1tsp baking soda

- 100ml filtered water

- 2tsp black treacle (it works really well with spelt flour but if you don’t have it 2tbsp of sugar will do the job)

- salt

- 6 chopped sundried tomatoes

- handful of dried chopped onions

sundried tomatoes bread


Prepare the yeast mixing it with some warm water. Then pour it in a bowl with the flour, add the treacle, the baking soda and the water. Mix well all the ingredients together and add the chopped sundried tomatoes and the chopped onions for last. Now work the dough vigorously for 5 minutes, activating the yeast. Now make a ball shape and let it rest for 3 hours in a warm place.

sundried tomatoes bread

After this time work the dough some more and shape it as you prefer and let it rest for one more hour. Now you’re ready to cook this bad boy! Pre heat the oven at 190 °C and cook your loaf for 25 minutes.

That’s it baby, you got it! :)

p.s.: I had mine with creamy CASHEESE! A vegan version of cheese made with organic cashew! You should definitely try the combo because it's indescribably good!!!