Starting to make my own milk has been for me the discovery of the century!

I can’t get enough! It’s so easy to make and extremely tasty.

After my childhood I rarely drank milk , but after I discovered this recipe, I can’t get enough! I use it often in juices and when I make porridge. Lately I even add a bit on my coffee and I NEVER drink coffee with milk! This just got me!

When I first read about it I wasn’t sure, it just seemed too much of an hassle but I decided to give it a go and I ordered a nut bag online (I can hear you giggle)! As soon as it came Simon and I tried it straight away and…we were drinking OUR OWN HOMEMADE MILK. I mean I have just made this beautiful, creamy drink that just writing about makes my mouth watery. I get excited easily it’s true, but this, this is just beyond words amazing!

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