Friday night. Home. Simon and me. Let’s have a burger!

My friends, this is a perfect example of being healthy without give up the deliciousness. I was actually pretty amazed of how good this tasted.

We were just two people, standing in the kitchen, creating the perfect sensation for both body and soul. Yes, it’s this good!

You know that the only way to find out is to try it, so…there you go:

mushroom burger

(makes 4 burgers - takes 40 mins - vegan)


- 4 Portobello mushroom

- 20gr thinly sliced ginger

- 300gr fresh fried tofu (or 325gr sliced silk tofu)


for the mushroom sauce:

3tbsp. tamari soya sauce

1tbsp. garlic powder

2tbsp. sesame oil

2tbsp. rice vinegar

1tsp. agave syrup


for the tofu sauce:

-2tbsp sesame oil

-1tbsp soy sauce

portobello mushrooms


First of all prepare the sauce, put all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix together. Put the mushroom on an oven tray with the ginger and pour the sauce on top. Place it in the oven at gas mark 6 (200 C) for 20 minutes (check them after this time, you want them brown and juicy, but not burnt!). 

In the meanwhile warm the fried tofu in a pan with the sesame oil and soy sauce for few minutes to make it more crispy.

fried tofu

If you decided to go for the silk tofu, slice it, place it in an oven tray and pour some of the same sauce you used for the mushroom on top and cook them in the oven together being careful to turn over the tofu at half way and that it's gonna take a bit longer to cook them at the same time. 

If you cook them together in the same oven I suggest putting the mushroom on top and cooking them for 40 minutes in total. The tofu in this case will require a bit more time, depending also how crispy you like it. An alternative is to cook the tofu in a grill pan.

I served the burger with some broccoli slaw, if you want to do the same, this is the right time to prepare it! Follow this recipe - broccoli slaw. If not, you can serve it with same mayo and salad leaves! :)

mushroom burger

Now you can assemble your burger, placing the mushroom on your bun, tofu on top and broccoli slaw. Be ready for a food orgasm! :)

mushroom burger

P.S.: We actually decided to make everything from scratch, so we made our own mayonnaise to mix with broccoli slaw and our own buns to wrap the ingredients in. But if you don’t have enough time or simply you prefer to use ready ingredients it’s totally cool. If you do make your own mayonnaise, you can use what’s left the day after as a dipping with carrots and celery.