Good afternoon!!

So summer is here in London, yeiiiii! 

It’s finally time for ice-creams and lollies! Yeiiiii!

I have to say before I started to explore plant-based food I had no idea vegan ice-cream could be so delicious, so healthy, take so little time, effort to make and I could make all the flavours I want to.

Well now I know that all the things I just listed are possible!!

This is one of the many versions I’m creating at the moment, I like to call it THE CLASSIC.

BANANA ice cream

(makes400gr – takes 5 minutes + 1h freeze – vegan)


- 4 bananas

- few drops of vanilla

- 2tbsp cacao powder

banana ice cream


Easy peasy guys! Cut the bananas in slices, place them on a tray and freeze them for at least one hour.

At this point take them out and blend the bananas until a smooth cream is formed. Divide the mixture in two equal parts and add a few drops of vanilla in half and the cacao powder in the other and mix well both.

banana ice cream

You can either serve it now – it’s gonna be creamy and smooth, cold but not frozen, or you can place it back in the freezer and leave it overnight before to serve it to have more ice-cream consistence.