It’s Monday again people.

New week, new things to be grateful for and who knows what might happen this week! I’m feeling charged and back in positive mood!

You know what? I’m having freaking pizza tonight! Who said the you can’t eat pizza on a Monday night? No one! So let’s do it!! :)

I prepared the dough early this morning (it takes literally 10 minutes if not less) and I let it rest in a bowl in a warm place. When I’ll get home this evening it will be well raised and ready to make some pizza baby!

Why don’t you too?  

vegan pizza

(makes 4 pan-size pizzas – takes 40mins + 4h rest – vegan)


for the dough

- 500gr spelt flour

- 10gr dried active yeast

- 250ml warm water

- 2tsp sugar

- 2tbsp olive oil

- salt

to garnish

you can top it with your choice of ingredients, I used:

- you can either make your own sauce or use 1 can of ready tomato sauce 

two pizzas (my favourite)

- handful of rocket

- 3 cut sundried tomatoes

one pizza

- vegan mozzarella

- cut mushroom, cooked with a bit of olive oil

one pizza

- ½ zucchini, spiralized

- handful of spinach

vegan pizza


Pour in a jug 250ml of warm water, add the yeast and stir well until melted. Then add the olive oil and once again stir. Put in a food mixer or a bowl the flour, salt and sugar and start mix these ingredients while drizzling slowly the mixture of warm water, yeast and olive oil in it.

If you’re working the dough with the food mixer, once it’s consistent, take it out and work it energetically by hand for a few minutes. If you’re working it by hand from the beginning, keep doing it for 5 minutes in total. In this way you’re sure the yeast is activated. 

After have worked the dough properly place it in a bowl, cover it with cleaning film and a towel and leave it in a warm place for around 3 hours.

After this time it should have grown already, divide it in 4 balls and let it rest for another hour to rise a bit more.

Now you’re ready to make pizza baby!

vegan pizza

Roll the four dough balls, not too thin not too thick, in a circle shape. Spread the tomato sauce on top (do one pizza at the time, otherwise the dough will soak the sauce and trust me it’s not good) and cook it in a fry pan at medium heat for 5 minutes first (or until brown a bit on the bottom), then move it to the grill for another 5 minutes.

(Alternatively you can cook it straight in the oven at 190° for 20 minutes. I would suggest to keep a closed eye on the pizza though as all the ovens are different and yours could take less as more time to cook it!)

vegan pizza

Once the pizza reached your perfect level of crunchiness, add your toppings, sit back and enjoy your healthy, wheat-free, yet mega tasty pizza! :)