As the happiest and tanned me, I'm preparing this post sipping a Piñada (non alcoholic version of Piña Colada) sitting on a swing on my favourite bar, just 30 seconds from our doorstep. We came here everyday since we arrived one week ago and everybody knows us at this point, so there's a lot of hugging and kissing now :)

Salsa music is playing in the background and a drop of sweat is running through my back and once again I'm feeling blessed and grateful for what I'm living, to have the chance to experience it with my best friend and my lover (which are the same person btw :))

I finally took some courage and I made my first video recipe (of which I'm actually secretly proud of, as I improved the audio from the other videos, I filmed it from different angles and most important of all, the smoothie was DELICIOUS!). 

This Green Tropical Smoothie is made with a special ingredient, that I'm aware it's not easy to find in London but I felt to make a special and rare recipe anyway! I'm talking about cactus fruit (prickly pear) which as I'm describing in the video is sweet, delicate and fresh. 

Any feedback is most welcome! I wish you a terrific Saturday and weekend! 

your smiley