Another sunny day in London!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re all well and having a good week.

It’s already Wednesday! With the last weekend bank holiday I completely lost the track of time!

Today I’m gonna treat you with a incredibly mouth-watering, easy, fresh and pretty (yes it’s PRETTY babes!) recipe: Watermelon Salad, served in an original fruit bowl! BAM! :)

I used it a couple of times for BBQS and dinner party and it was a great success!

Here we go!

watermelon salad

(makes 4 side servings – takes 20minutes – vegetarian)


- ½ watermelon

- 200gr feta cheese (this can be substitute with tofu or just avoid it for vegan option)

- 8 mint leaves

- 20gr of almond flakes

- 1 avocado


To make this really pretty and really tasty watermelon salad, start with scooping out the watermelon until you have just the peel – I use a knife to cut it around and then a spoon.  Place the watermelon pieces in a bowl and drip the liquid left in the peel. Once you have a clean “bowl” like this:

watermelon salad

you can either choose to keep it that way or cut the edges like this:

simply using a knife and making oblique cuts.

Now toast the almond flakes in a frying pan for 5-7 minutes (no oil!) and let it cool down in a bowl. In the meanwhile, chop in cubes the pieces of watermelon you scooped out, the avocado and the feta (or tofu) and add them all in a bowl, together with the mint (I broke it in half by hands) and the almond flakes.

watermelon salad

I suggest to mix all together in a bowl before to place it in the watermelon bowl.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!