Mara got certified as a yoga teacher in November 2017 at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India.

She first discovered yoga as a way to find calm and balance in her life. As she got physically stronger, all the other aspects in life seemed to fall in place. 

One of the main reason she became a yoga teacher is to be able, through yoga, to help people feel strong and powerful, both mentally and physically. The goal is to unleash that energy inside each and every one of us and radiate it throughout your thoughts and actions. 

Her style is vinyasa flow - after her class you will leave feeling calm and balanced, energised and empowered at the same time. During the class she will keep bringing your attention to your breath, your focus on the connection of it with your movement so that it becomes a fluid and conscious movement. 

Until Christmas she's offering one on one classes of 60 minutes for £5!! 

Before to buy it, please send an email to to confirm availability.